Establishing Brand Recognition


Establishing Brand Recognition discusses the challenges of online marketing, where marketers compete for the same audience with similar products and services. The prevalence of fictitious promotions has caused many consumers to be highly skeptical of online advertisements, reducing their trust to less than 25%. However, building a recognizable brand is possible if marketers learn to implement effective strategies to reach their target audience. Online marketing has become a popular way for entrepreneurs to market their brands.

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We Marketers have it really hard these days. We are all targeting the same group of people, with the same basic product offerings and sometimes even at the same time.

This is especially true for the world of Online Marketing. Some may find our efforts informative or even amusing. Others are downright annoyed and seek out every possible way to silence the noisy atmosphere we have created as we compete with each other.

To make matters worse, many of the promotions online are fictitious and have left our target market overly skeptical about everything they see online.

Many of them have actually suffered serious financial loss as a result of the tactics of unscrupulous marketers. In fact, less than 25% of all consumers actually trust advertisements they see online. Just think about how negatively this will affect your sales!

But, do not despair, building a recognizable brand is within your reach if you are willing to learn how to play your cards right. Marketing a business or brand online has become one of the most popular ways for Entrepreneurs to reach their target audience.


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