Small Business Mastery


Small Business Mastery emphasizes the challenges faced by small business entrepreneurs compared to larger corporations. The author explains that running a small business requires multitasking, juggling, prioritizing, and balancing on a restricted budget, unlike corporations that have specialized teams to handle different aspects of the business. As a result, small business owners have to focus on critical business strategies while also managing day-to-day operations. The article highlights the importance of time management and developing effective strategies to maximize resources and achieve business objectives. Despite the challenges, the article also highlights the advantages of being a small business owner, such as having the freedom to make quick decisions and the ability to build personal relationships with customers.

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Running a small business is much harder than running a corporation. Surprising? Not if you’re a small business entrepreneur. As a fledgling business owner on a restricted budget, you have to multi-task, juggle, prioritize and balance. Unlike corporations, you don’t have a specialized professional team to help you manage, allowing you to focus on more critical business strategies.


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